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Priscilla Batzell

 Expressionist Art Studio/Gallery                Creator-Curator Author

I am by nature an intuitive spontaneous artist born into and raised by trained fine artists, accepting appreciating, and allowing the influences of being exposed to art since birth. I invariably fall in love with whichever medium I am exploring at the time as my understanding expands. At present, I am discovering the many aspects of creating with fluid acrylics exploring a variety of genres.  My creations are an interpretation of my own connection with the  Universe. My art is often seen as music  I am never without inspiration, I am constantly excited and appreciate the inspiration from the world around me.

 My satisfaction comes from creating beauty but more than that I love creating images that draw in the viewer through dynamic, energetic, dramatic contrast, both color, and monochromatic combinations compel me equally.   Creating art, whether abstract, expressionistic, impressionist, realistic art has been a lifelong pleasure from earliest memory. Interests have included clay sculpture, graphite, Fashion design, watercolors, inks, colored pencils, jewelry design and production,  mixed media collage, photography, digital art, acrylic painting. I am fascinated by the textures of our world and am inspired to create art and share my vision with the viewer as a sensation to feel what I feel, enjoy what I have created.           Priscilla Batzell

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