Priscilla Batzell

 Expressionist Art Studio/Gallery                Creator-Curator Author

  To be very honest, painting in the abstract style wasn't a really conscious decision. It was more like "the house" method, and it came as completely natural (along with a proclivity to create realistic portraiture at the very same time). I guess I've always been multidimensional as an artist. I grew up with classically trained  Fine Artist parents. My mother practiced and trained to be a portraitist and never stopped. My Fathers preferred style was always abstract art. Abstract waves specifically. Abstract art was Fresh and the current style enjoyed by many of his peers of the day. Both my parents used a variety of styles as well as different genres to express their creativity so that's probably where I got the impression there was nothing odd about sharing and expressing my creative vision in a seemingly limitless number of ways. The in-house library of information about art in general to current artists of the time was unrivaled. My father's thirst for knowledge unquenchable all the time I grew up. To be honest, I've never considered painting any other way, then, anyway I pleased. When I create a portrait my method allows a realistic result. But when it comes to painting I've been completely in love with color from earliest memory (and drama,)I feel very fortunate, what I feel to be good composition has always seemed come to me freely and I have taken that for granted throughout my life. I just love the creative process, channeling my obsession, observations appreciation, and connection to an amazing and beautiful Universe directly and often spontaneously onto the canvas. Creating abstract art has been something I've been doing since earliest memory and certainly not limited to canvas. My art has always allowed me to experiment, play with new different mediums as I please. I have always had aspirations that one day I will again combine the many methods utilized over a lifetime into mixed media artworks on a grander scale. But truly I can always be distracted by learning another new way of creating. When my attention is caught by a new and compelling method of creation I can become temporarily obsessed. I will work tirelessly until I feel I have become proficient and can bend whatever the medium is to my vision.

 If I try and share all the mediums I have ever worked in it would be a very long list and take up too much space. So I'll make a shortlist. I began as most do with tempera paints, then watercolors, inks, colored pencils graphite, jewelry design and production, clay and mixed media sculpture, photography, digital art, and acrylic painting, and fluid art. I am always fascinated by the world we are here to enjoy and explore and I can't imagine any other way to live than to create.           Priscilla Batzell